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“Had a very relaxing session here, using visualisation techniques and going over positive affirmations in my own words. Booked in again this week and really looking forward to it, especially since hearing how my friend put it all to good use giving birth recently, with zero pain relief” ~ Joanne

“It was absolutely amazing and I’ve come away feeling so happy and positive about labour with lots of really useful tools for myself.” – Jodie. Read Jodie’s hypnobirthing home birth story here.

“I had a really enjoyable hypnobirthing session with Bridget today, who is a really down to earth, lovely lady. I have never come away from something feeling so relaxed and in control. If I can put what I have learned from just today into practise in labour, I think it will make it a really enjoyable and calming experience. “ – Jodie L.

Jodie went on to birth her baby at home the next day, after having only one session and later said “Your hypnobirthing is fantastic. I got pains that day and next day I was in full blown labour and had no pain relief, no gas or air and just focused on everything you taught me. I was terrified of labour and you made me such a calm person who was completely in control. Couldn’t recommend you enough, and always tell everyone about you! You are FANTASTIC!! If i was to ever have another baby I would 100% be doing hypnobirthing again!”

“As usual, a wonderfully relaxing yoga nidra session. Body and mind relaxed and yet, I felt invigorated and ready to go….wherever! Thank you, Bridget.” – Hazel

“Really relaxing and welcoming environment did a great prenatal yoga class.” – Cicely

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