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    Protecting Postnatal

    Well, this time is tender and raw and the body and heart needs to be held. Stop calling making this space for rest and care a luxury or pampering because IT IS NOT. Support your friends and your family, bring them…

  • Current Reads: Why Caesarean Matters

    This book is informative, easy to read and just excellent. For some reason I’m surprised by that..perhaps because my own experience of caesarean birth was not positive, I maybe expected it to be a difficult read but actually it’s not and…

  • A Postnatal New Year Prayer

    Since it’s New Year and your feed is probably saturated with “diet starts tomorrow”, food guilt, moralising of quantities, calories and macronutrients, and “post-baby body” bullshit, here is my reminder and also my prayer for you..

  • THIS!

    It’s always a certain type of image that attracts the attention of the censors. They say it's about nudity - but so often it's a particular TYPE of nudity - one that doesn't look passive, or helpless, or dependent on anything…

  • Because if your whole life you’re told that blood is thicker than water, and then you get older and realize that your blood is poisonous, what then? Who do you choose? The known or the unknown?”

  • Lit christmas tree with red and golden baubles.

    Festive Support

    If you’re a member of Postnatal Support Group Scotland on Facebook or you’re looking for support over the holidays and would like to join, here’s what’s happening

  • MMBRACE Report

    Below words reposted from Mars Lord on Instagram; you can check out her blog and doula preparation courses at www.abueladoulas.com. And definitely go read the MMBRACE report now that the government embargo has been lifted..

  • General Election & Birthwork

    Whilst women and birthing people are still coerced, bullied and controlled by the maternity system; and black and minority ethnic women are still five times more likely to die in the birthing year than their white counterparts; and capitalism continues to…

  • Two hands holding a blue earthenware cup, filled half full with coffee. They have rested it on a folded pink scarf and are leaning toward the camera, as if in conversation.

    On Being Too Much

    Hello, after a long hiatus! I’m sitting here doing a little computer work, as my small person sleeps, with a wee mug of hot chocolate; perfect for this dreich day! Actually, I wrote that bit about 8 hours ago because he…

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