• Selfie of Bridget, a white woman with short dark hair, wearing red lipstick and a red shirt.

    Facts and Feelings

    There is so much information out there in the ether of the internet; especially misinformation. And when it comes to pregnancy and birth, sometimes it’s hard to find what you need. You have a heap of leaflets in your hand from…

  • Christmas natural wreath of branches with garland with lights in hands flat lay

    So…Why Hire a Doula?!

    You want someone by your side who will be steadfast in the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS, even when you feel you just cannot go on. ⁠ You want someone who will love in such a way that gives you…

  • Portrait of Leanne, a white woman with tattoos on her belly and arm. She’s wearing black underwear and is gazing down at her belly with a soft smile.

    How stunning is @leanne_badass_doula ?! So much love and power held right here in this photo! Photo credit: © Everything Between Photography

  • THIS!

    It’s always a certain type of image that attracts the attention of the censors. They say it's about nudity - but so often it's a particular TYPE of nudity - one that doesn't look passive, or helpless, or dependent on anything…

  • MMBRACE Report

    Below words reposted from Mars Lord on Instagram; you can check out her blog and doula preparation courses at www.abueladoulas.com. And definitely go read the MMBRACE report now that the government embargo has been lifted..

  • Recipe: Postnatal Sunshine Chowder

    This easy to make, heartwarming soup is like a hug in a bowl and is just the perfect medicine you need through the postnatal period. With anti-inflammatory garlic and turmeric, this soup will give you a burst of flavour, steadily released…

  • Hypnobirthing: Making Friends with Fear

    Hypnobirthing is not a “cure all” or a therapy for “fixing” people (because you don’t need fixed!)..it is however, a powerful tool to help you come home to yourself, ground yourself in your body, acknowledge how you are feeling and step…

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