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    Protecting Postnatal

    Well, this time is tender and raw and the body and heart needs to be held. Stop calling making this space for rest and care a luxury or pampering because IT IS NOT. Support your friends and your family, bring them…

  • A Postnatal New Year Prayer

    Since it’s New Year and your feed is probably saturated with “diet starts tomorrow”, food guilt, moralising of quantities, calories and macronutrients, and “post-baby body” bullshit, here is my reminder and also my prayer for you..

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    Festive Support

    If you’re a member of Postnatal Support Group Scotland on Facebook or you’re looking for support over the holidays and would like to join, here’s what’s happening

  • Recipe: Postnatal Sunshine Chowder

    This easy to make, heartwarming soup is like a hug in a bowl and is just the perfect medicine you need through the postnatal period. With anti-inflammatory garlic and turmeric, this soup will give you a burst of flavour, steadily released…

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