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Coming Up: For Birthworkers- Evaluating Sources

I believe all birthworkers owe it to their clients to offer evidence-based information that’s free from their own bias but I know that sometimes it can be hard to work out what’s reliable information and what’s not. Perhaps, the sheer amount of information EVERYWHERE is just so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin.

Over this next week I’ll share a few posts for birthworkers on evaluating information sources so that you know that what you’re reading is reliable and robust enough to inform your knowledge-base. I’ll also be looking at becoming aware of your own biases and how to make sure these don’t cloud your judgement.

I HAD planned to write one post but there’s just way too much to cover so I’ll be bringing you a week of note-sized chunks instead!

Catch me over on Instagram but I’ll also be reposting here, to my blog.

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