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So Much More Than Mummy

Calling pregnant people Mums…It makes my skin crawl.⠀

Oh and birthworkers, yoga teachers, midwives…Please stop referring to your CLIENTS as “my mums” or “my ladies”.⠀

Firstly, it’s patronising, unprofessional and not everyone making babies is a Mum or a woman.⠀

Secondly – and perhaps the biggest message here – their whole being is not Mummy or any other word defining their parenting role.⠀

They have names and they are people outwith their birthing and parenting lives.⠀

Can you not see the damage this does?⠀

How many postnatal people feel unseen because they’re just wee Jimmy’s maw now?! Stop setting pregnant people up for a personhood forgotten.⠀

See that they are lovers, artists, gardeners, readers, writers, gazers and so much more.⠀

They are creative, fun, sexy, nurturing, emotional, and imaginative.⠀

They are so much more⠀

Than Mummy.⠀

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