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Facts and Feelings

I’m a little pinch of hippy mind blended with a good helping of science mind. For a while, I thought these two were entirely opposed to each other but then @mahdiyyah taught me I can have and be both! So I’m here today with a wee bit of both…

There is so much information out there in the ether of the internet; especially misinformation. And when it comes to pregnancy and birth, sometimes it’s hard to find what you need. You have a heap of leaflets in your hand from your midwife but you need MORE so you’re going a’Googling!

Here are my top 3 things to consider and questions to ask yourself, to help you when evaluating information:

  1. SOURCE – Where does this information I’m looking at come from?
    How does it look; is it clearly laid out on an easy to read page or is the page surrounded by flashy ads?
    Is it written by an influencer, blogger or pregnancy and baby site? If it is, what are the writer’s credentials and are they trying to sell me something (an item or an idea)? Have they referenced their work; if I wanted to, is it possible to trace back their claims to EVIDENCE?
    Does the writer use overly emotive langauge in an attempt to persuade or do they present facts and balanced rationale?
  2. EVIDENCE-BASE – What’s the evidence base for these claims; are they based upon robust science or on opinion?
    Is the information up-to-date? Written in the past 10-15 years is usually a good starting point.
    Is it in-line with current NICE guidelines? Are these claims biased; does the writer have an ulterior motive or other interests that could be influencing their impartiality?
  3. FEELING – Do I feel overwhelmed by lack of or too much information?
    Do I need to take a step back and care for my overwhelm? Do I need to reach out to a reliable, trustworthy person to make sense of this information?
    Is this information in line with my values?
    Yes, I have risks in one hand and benefits in the other but what does my instinct say?
    And finally, do I need to log off, sink into my body and feel my way through what’s right for me?
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