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So…Why Hire a Doula?!

So…why hire a birth doula?! Because…⁠

You want continuous, impartial and compassionate support throughout your pregnancy and birth.⁠

You want support from someone that doesn’t see you as a risk or a health condition; you want someone that sees you as a whole person.⁠

You want someone who recognises your ability to weigh up risks and benefits, and decide what’s best for YOU. ⁠

Someone who’s good at taking the back seat and letting you do your thing but who can also lift your voice up and knows when to champion your rights and needs!⁠

You want more information! Maybe you feel like not enough time is spent with you during your midwife appointments and you just want more connection and cohesion… more time to learn about what to expect during pregnancy and birth.⁠

You want someone by your side who will be steadfast in the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS, even when you feel you just cannot go on. ⁠

You want someone who will love in such a way that gives you wings to fly and roots to come home to.⁠

That someone might just be a doula.⁠

Hearthkeeper Doulas are taking birth doula bookings for June, July and August. Head over to the birth support page to find out more.

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