• Selfie of Bridget, a white woman with short dark hair, wearing red lipstick and a red shirt.

    Facts and Feelings

    There is so much information out there in the ether of the internet; especially misinformation. And when it comes to pregnancy and birth, sometimes it’s hard to find what you need. You have a heap of leaflets in your hand from…

  • Christmas natural wreath of branches with garland with lights in hands flat lay

    So…Why Hire a Doula?!

    You want someone by your side who will be steadfast in the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS, even when you feel you just cannot go on. ⁠ You want someone who will love in such a way that gives you…

  • Portrait of Leanne, a white woman with tattoos on her belly and arm. She’s wearing black underwear and is gazing down at her belly with a soft smile.

    How stunning is @leanne_badass_doula ?! So much love and power held right here in this photo! Photo credit: © Everything Between Photography

  • patterned mug on wooden bench with grey and red striped blanket in the background

    Our Philosophy

    Hearthkeeping is stoking the fire at the hearth of the home. It is being there in the wee small hours keeping that fire aglow and warmth felt throughout, no matter what. It is words spoken and silences shared over mugs of…

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